Platillos Regionales

Platillos Regionales – Prepared to Perfection

  • Mole

    An authentic Mexican dish. Chicken slow cooked in a delectable sauce made with traditional ingredients, including chili peppers and chocolate, which gives the sauce its dark color.

  • pozole



    Pork stew made with white hominy and dry peppers.

  • Cochinita Pibil

    A traditional dish from Yucatán. Slow cooked pork marinated in citrus juice, seasoned with seeds, chiles and achiote.

  • Steak Ranchero

    Traditional dish from North México. Chopped steak in salsa ranchera made with fresh tomatoes, onions and jalapeños.

  • Chicharrón

    Freshly cooked pork rinds in a special green salsa made of jalapeños, tomatillos and spices.

  • Carnitas

    Chunk tender pieces of slow-cooked pork.

  • Barbacoa

     A mexican style shredded beef that is slow cooked till tenderness.

  • Tinga

    Great recipe from Puebla made with chicken, grilled onions in a delightful chipotle sauce.

  • Puerco en Morita (Mexican dry Pepper)

    Pork ribs and potatoes in a morita pepper sauce.

  • Rajas con Queso

    Roasted Anaheim peppers smothered in melted cheese sauce.

  • Carne en Su Jugo

    Carne en Su Jugo

    Carne en su Jugo

    Traditional dish from Guadalajara, which is a gorgeous soup, made with small pieces of flank steak and bacon cooked in their juices.

  • Nopalitos en Salsa Verde

    Fresh diced cactus in green salsa garnished with queso fresco. Great Vegetarian choice!

  • Albondigas

    Meat balls dunked in a delicious spicy salsa made of chipotle peppers.

  • Birria de Res

    Traditional dish from the Mexican state of Jalisco, a dish made with stewed beef, prepared with a special sauce with many spices and chilies  (not spicy)

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